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Drive Ticket Sales

From sales to sold out
How to drive ticket sales to the next level


With the advent of EDM music came a flood of new talent, music crazed festival goers, and a shared love for the novelty of festival-life.

When the audiences wanted more in music, USC Events provided.

Success blossomed as the company’s nightclub events and nationally acclaimed festivals grew in popularity. While competition increased within the festival industry, USC Events recognized the growing need to differentiate their brand from the competition. In order to stand out and drive continual success, they needed a little help from outside the USC family. Add3 gladly accepted the challenge.

The Challenge

Unique to the USC brand is its loyal base of customers, but USC wanted to push beyond and extend their reach to a broader audience. The company’s main goals were to attract new attendees, grow their brand, increase event awareness, and ultimately drive ticket sales. As a result, the company needed to reach the right people, in the right markets, on a larger scale, in strategic time frames.

As fellow festival fiends, we at Add3 knew that our understanding of the business coupled with our insights on festival culture would allow us to execute their vision better than anyone.


In terms of reaching new attendees, the key is to make the proper introduction between user and brand. We knew we needed to identify and engage with users that were likely interested in the company’s events. So, we at Add3 decided to use first-party data, retargeting, and look-alike audiences to welcome in the newcomers and make them feel at home with USC Events.

Strategic targeting, along with well-thought-out messaging and creative helped us reach the right users at the right time to help drive ticket sales and build brand awareness.

– Mike
Add3 Paid Social Account Manager

When it came to our messaging strategy, we wanted to promote a campaign that resonated with USC Events. We needed to drive ticket sales and create event awareness without diluting the message of the parent brand. In order to expand the reach of the company, we first built buzz around an event. This typically involved increasing ad buy around large announcements (e.g. lineup, tickets on sale, etc.). We then switched our messaging from brand awareness to direct response as the event approached to efficiently allocate their budget. As Mike, our Paid Social Account Manager, commented, “Strategic targeting, along with well-thought-out messaging and creative helped us reach the right users at the right time to help drive ticket sales and build brand awareness.”

The Results

Since working with the event production company, USC events has seen incredible growth – improved events, new annual shows, new festivals and more! Prior to the partnership between USC and Add3, tickets were still available the day of the event. Now, with their improved digital marketing strategy, they have consistently and successfully sold out numerous festivals well before the day of the show. Working with USC Events allowed us to break into untapped markets of new, qualified attendee while simultaneously solidifying the relationship the company has with its current audience. So, with a little help from Add3, USC Events was able to reach its digital goals and give its expanded audience a re-imagined way to experience the pulse and power of EDM music.

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